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7123 Arlington Ave., Suite - A,  Riverside, CA  92503


We are located at the southwest side of the Riverside Airport. Across the street from the Arlington Lanes Bowling Alley is behind Ruebens Tacos Resturant and we are just behind their building in an industrial park.  See you there!

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THE BEERS we make or made, are: Blond Alien / American Ale, Planet Red / Red Hef., Alien IPA Kappa Delta / IPA, Deep Space Porter / Oaked Porter,Alien Head / Imperial IPA, Blue Eyed Alien, Cascade IPA,  Groomlake Butterscoch Ale, and more!

STORY - Why Area 51 Craft Brewery?  "Says owner Mike:  Many people often ask me that question!  I wrote a book about the original Area 51 base, located sixty miles from Nevada ( called "The Revealing" ).  It seemed natural with that name.  What I don't tell them, is that in 1984, when I was camping at the Anza Borego Desert, located near the Salton Sea, California, I had an experience of  "The Third Kind"...   

I was asleep in my 1971 Oldsmobile when I was suddenly awakened and found my car shaking violently from side to side, horizontally.  I could hear the gas in my tank throwing from side to side.  I managed to sit up while this was happening and looked over my dash to see a huge wall of fire in front of my car, about fifty yards away.  I panicked when I saw this and thinking I needed to get away from it, but then I remembered being out there the previousely day and only saw small some desert brush.  How can that fire be so big? I almost got out of my car, but was thinking that something else was going on so I stayed.  I looked to the right side of the fire and noticed a dust devil, of fire, which is like a small tornado.  It went on for what may have been one to two minutes though I'm not exactly sure.  It then it simply collapsed from the upper right corner area, downward to the far left corner area, until it was gone.  At this time, my car slowed in shaking and then it finally stopped.  

I was in shock, pretty shaken and thinking that this had to be a dream, but I wasn't.  I don't know what time it was because I didn't have a watch and since I was tired to beging with, it had to be late.  After awhile, I calmed myself from this experience and decided to lay down again and get some rest.  After I had fallen asleep, I was reawoken at some point by the horizontal shaking of my car, again.  It wasn't as violent as before, but it scared me and lasted for about less than about a minute.  I looked up over my dash and there wasn't a fire as before.  

So here is the very weird part that had kept me from talking about it for over twenty years: I don't remember going back to sleep in my car or even driving back home.  I felt that I had lost time and didn't know what to do about it. A couple of years ago, I was interviewed on a radio show by a friend of Larry King  ( Margaret Wendt ).  It was the first time I said anything about this to anyone.  Now that I have, it gave me the chance to move on, I thought...  I started researching to understand what happened to me, though I regretted not to have looked up into the sky above me when I was in that car.  Perhaps my answer was there.  Since then, I have witnessed three UFOs'".  


WANTED - We are accepting applications for the following:   Outside Sales Marketing Representative with brewery experience helpful / Beer Tender/ Brewery helper. ( Please submite resume to Email Inquiries "Below" )

WANTED:  Interested in partnering?, please inquire.                         Email inquiries to:  Area 51 Craft Brewery

EVENTS - We welcome celebrations birthday, anniversary and other celebrations at no charge.  If you would like to schedule an event, please email us. For private events at our brewery, there is a fee.  


     MARCH 28, 2015




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OUR BREWERY -  Located at 7123 Arlington Ave., Suite - A,   is across the street from the Arlington Bowling Lanes, behind Rubens Taco Restuarant where there is and industrial park.  We have plenty of seating, games to play, Area 51 & alien memorabilia everywhere, great people and a place to be comfortable.  enjoy!